Carmen Broder

Publishing, digital marketing, & content creation.
BA and MA in English Literature. 

Contract Copywriter + Senior Copywriter for Black & White Zebra (Vancouver, BC). 2018 - present
Content Creator for Quietly Media (Vancouver, BC). 2015 - current.
Marketing Distribution Coordinator at NUVO and MONTECRISTO magazines (Vancouver, BC). 2018 - 2019.
Digital Intern and then Digital Projects at Greystone Books (Vancouver, BC). 2015 - 2017.

Notable skills:
Copywriting, keyword research, SEO optimization, web analytics, basic Photoshop, various CMS platforms, professional editing, social media ad campaigns.


Email: carmen.broder(at)outlook(dot)com
LinkedIn Profile: Carmen Broder
Twitter: @CarmenBroder

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